New Special Collection: Chemistry and Mineralogy of Earth's Mantle

A new special collection of papers in American Mineralogist, “Chemistry and Mineralogy of Earth’s Mantle,” highlights papers relating to the chemical composition and properties of both the upper and lower mantle.

A new special collection of papers in American Mineralogist (contained in volumes 99 and 100) edited by DCO Early Career Scientist Daniel Hummer (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA) and colleague Katherine Crispin (Penn State University, USA), is now available. The collection, titled “Chemistry and Mineralogy of Earth’s Mantle,” highlights papers relating to the chemical composition and properties of both the upper and lower mantle.

The collection includes experimental and theoretical papers, and topics include concentrations of major and minor elements, bulk mineralogy, phase partitioning, diffusion, and the influence of minor elements on properties such as density, bulk modulus, shear modulus, seismic velocities, anisotropy, and thermal/electrical properties. Of special interest to the DCO Community are several papers focused on carbon in Earth’s mantle (noted with an asterisk in the table of contents below).

Papers are published on an ongoing basis; however, most papers are now available via the American Mineralogist Special Collections website.

So far, the collection includes:

Some thermodynamic properties of larnite (β-Ca2SiO4) constrained by high T/P experiment and/or theoretical simulation (preprint)
Zhihua Xiong, Xi Liu, Sean R. Shieh, Sicheng Wang, Linlin Chang, Junjie Tang, Xinguo Hong, Zhigang Zhang, and Hejing Wang

Tetrahedral boron in natural and synthetic HP/UHP tourmaline: Evidence from Raman spectroscopy, EMPA, and single crystal XRD (preprint)
Martin Kutzschbach, Bernd Wunder, Dieter Rhede, Monika Koch-Müller, Andreas Ertl, Gerald Giester, Wilhelm Heinrich, and Gerhard Franz

Volume 100, 2015

A possible new Al-bearing hydrous Mg-silicate (23 Å phase) in the deep upper mantle
Nao Cai, Toru Inoue, Kiyoshi Fujino, Hiroaki Ohfuji and Hisayoshi Yurimoto

P-V-T equation of state and high-pressure behavior of CaCO3 aragonite
Ying Li, Yongtao Zou, Ting Chen, Xuebing Wang, Xintong Qi, Haiyan Chen, Jianguo Du and Baosheng Li 

Recoil-free fractions of iron in aluminous bridgmanite from temperature-dependent Mössbauer spectra
Jiachao Liu, Bjorn Mysen, Yingwei Fei and Jie Li

Quantification of water in majoritic garnet
Sylvia-Monique Thomas, Kathryn Wilson, Monika Koch-Müller, Erik H. Hauri, Catherine McCammon, Steven D. Jacobsen, John Lazarz, Dieter Rhede, Minghua Ren, Neal Blair, and Stephan Lenz

Influence of hydration on 23Na, 27Al, and 29Si MAS-NMR spectra of sodium saponites and sodium micas
Jesus Sanz, Isabel Sobrados and Jean-Louis Robert

Calculation of the energetics of water incorporation in majorite garnet
Jeffrey S. Pigott, Kate Wright, Julian D. Gale and Wendy R. Panero

Optical properties of siderite (FeCO3) across the spin transition: Crossover to iron-rich carbonates in the lower mantle
Sergey S. Lobanov, Alexander F. Goncharov and Konstantin D. Litasov 

First-principles prediction of pressure-enhanced defect segregation and migration at MgO grain boundaries
Bijaya B. Karki, Dipta B. Ghosh and Ashok K. Verma

In situ observation of the pyroxene-majorite transition in Na2MgSi5O12 using synchrotron radiation and Raman spectroscopy of Na-majorite
Anna Dymshits, Igor Sharygin, Konstantin Litasov, Anton Shatskiy, Pavel Gavryushkin, Eiji Ohtani, Akio Suzuki and Kenichi Funakoshi

High-pressure high-temperature transitions in MgCr2O4 and crystal structures of new Mg2Cr2O5 and post-spinel MgCr2O4 phases with implications for ultrahigh-pressure chromitites in ophiolites
Takayuki Ishii, Hiroshi Kojitani, Kiyoshi Fujino, Hitoshi Yusa, Daisuke Mori, Yoshiyuki Inaguma, Yoshitaka Matsushita, Kazunari Yamaura and Masaki Akaogi

Volume 99, 2014

Hexagonal Na0.41[Na0.125Mg0.79Al0.085]2[Al0.79Si0.21]6O12 (NAL phase): Crystal structure refinement and elasticity
Martha G. Pamato, Alexander Kurnosov, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Dmytro M. Trots, Razvan Caracas and Daniel J. Frost

The spin state of iron in Fe3+-bearing Mg-perovskite and its crystal chemistry at high pressure
Izumi Mashino, Eiji Ohtani, Naohisa Hirao, Takaya Mitsui, Ryo Masuda, Makoto Seto, Takeshi Sakai, Suguru Takahashi and Satoshi Nakano

Experimental determination of melting in the systems enstatite-magnesite and magnesite-calcite from 15 to 80 GPa
Andrew R. Thomson, Michael J. Walter, Oliver T. Lord and Simon C. Kohn 

Evidence for multiple diamondite-forming events in the mantle
Sami Mikhail, Daniel Howell and Francis M. McCubbin 

Mantle-derived guyanaite in a Cr-omphacitite xenolith from Moses Rock diatreme, Utah
Daniel J. Schulze, Roberta L. Flemming, Patrick H.M. Shepherd and Herwart Helmstaedt

Identifying the spin transition in Fe2+-rich MgSiO3 perovskite from X-ray diffraction and vibrational spectroscopy
Razvan Caracas, Haruka Ozawa, Kei Hirose, Hirofumi Ishii, Nozomu Hiraoka, Yasuo Ohishi and Naohisa Hirao

Formation of SiH4 and H2O by the dissolution of quartz in H2 fluid under high pressure and temperature
Ayako Shinozaki, Hiroyuki Kagi, Naoki Noguchi, Hisako Hirai, Hiroaki Ohfuji, Taku Okada, Satoshi Nakano and Takehiko Yagi

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